Melbourne – Monday 14th November 2016
Sydney – Wednesday 16th November 2016

How do you build leaders for a globalised world? And how do you challenge yourself and continue to build on your own success?

This is just some of the ‘real talk’ we’ll be having at the 2016 Leadership Revolution.

Following the enormous success of last year’s event, we’re bringing together some of the world’s smartest and most influential thinkers for a series of eye-opening talks, Q&As and executive coaching sessions. Join us to spend one unmissable day with the world’s #1 Leadership Thinker, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, and his brilliant team, as well as leadership consultant Liz Skelton and research director Claire Madden.

“Successful people become great leaders when they
learn to shift the focus from themselves to others.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith



Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Regularly ranked among the top thinkers and executive coaches in the world, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is renowned for his innovative ideas and coaching style. Joining as our keynote speaker, Dr. Goldsmith will share his revolutionary strategies for helping successful people become more successful, finding and retaining mojo, and making the most of a globalised world.

Liz Skelton

Celebrated Australian author, leader and consultant, Liz Skelton has spent over 25 years working with systemic change and the tough questions it raises. She joins us to discuss managing cross-sector leaders, and challenging the status quo on culture and conflict by developing constructive strategies for teams to innovate and collaborate.

Claire Madden

As Director of Research at McCrindle, a media commentator and TED speaker, Claire Madden is known for her ability to sense emerging business trends. If you’re looking to develop new leaders or manage inter-generational teams, you won’t want to miss her unique insights.

We will also hear from some of Australia's manufacturing trailblazers.

Herbert Hermans

CEO of Keech Australia a company, Herbert will discuss his achievements in the Australian manufacturing industry. See how Herbert approached new distribution channels, positioning organisations for sustainable growth, launching new products and developing strong links with distributors, suppliers and end-users.

Heidi Krebs

COO of Cablex, Heidi has over 25 years’ experience in contract manufacturing environments. Having played key roles in management, strategy, operations and training, Heidi has helped the Cablex innovate to stay competitive and enter new markets – locally and globally.


 “I found the speakers’ presentations stimulating, enlightening, challenging and very pertinent to our needs – an excellent event, very professionally run and organised.”

Gordon New, MD, Ronson Gears

“Excellent group of presenters, whose expert subject matter complemented and built upon the leadership theme as the day progressed. I walked away with a lot to contemplate on both a personal and business level.”

Susan Honeyman, Group HR Manager, FMP Group

“A most timely initiative that put the finger on burning issues. Given the current pressure particularly on manufacturing industry in Australia, the panel of expert speakers put many practical views to the audience, which was visibly and audibly impressed.”

Dr. Walter Uhlenbruch, Former CEO, Hella Asia Pacific

“It’s a rare event that keeps me engaged for 8 hours!! Fabulous speakers addressing critical issues – the most important outcome is that you have moved the debate from one of ‘contemplation’ to proactive ‘solutions’ on how we lead Australian businesses large and small into the future.”

Dominique Fisher, MD, CareerLounge Pty Ltd

“As a CEO you don’t often get the opportunity to reflect on your organisation and explore innovative ways to grow the business, engage your team and challenge assumptions. This forum provided me with all of this.”

Karen Hayes, CEO, Guide Dogs Australia

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